Smart Building Access Controls for San Antonio

VIA Technology is San Antonio’s #1 choice for smart building access control systems.  We offer cloud and on-premise Acess control solutions by the leaders in cloud-based systems, including:

Advanced Building Access

Say goodbye to keys.  By making building access control a part of the Internet of Things, you’re moving to a 21st-century security system.

Keys can be lost or stollen.  Employees can be terminated, which means you may need to revoke building access on short notice.  Plus, you need a complete record of who entered your building, when they entered, and who accessed sensitive areas within your facility.

Modern organizations need sophisticated, flexible ways to control who has access to their facility.  They need to grant or revoke access quickly to employees, contractors, or even delivery workers or customers.  Organizations need to see who is entering their facility in real time, and to review records of who entered when.

Access control solutions are powered by advanced, cloud-based systems, which means access can be granted or terminated easily through either desktop software or mobile app.   You can manage user access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Multiple Alternatives to Keys

With our building access control systems, employees can enter your facility by swiping an access badge, a key fob, by using our mobile app, or via biometrics and facial recognition.  Employees can even badge-in with a swipe of their mobile phone using their mobile credentials.

Access can be granted on an on-going or with an expiration date, which allows you to grant and revoke access to contractors or temporary workers.

You also have the option to buzz visitors in from your mobile app, or create rules to lock doors automatically at different times of day or days of the week.

Get an extra layer of security for your most sensitive areas through badge+pin access, which requires employees to both swipe their badge/fob and enter their personal PIN to gain entry.

Easy Setup With Advanced System Integration

Our systems feature seamless alarm and video integration.  Get video alerts when specific doors are opened. View your history timeline to view past access events.  You can even tie your alarms to specific access events, such as disarming your alarms when the first employee arrives for the day.

Our access control systems can integrate with leading cypher lock and smart lock brands, so you may not need to replace existing locks or card readers. For new smart locks, we use a combination of electrified crash bars, electric strikes and electric mag locks.

Our systems work equally well for single-site or large, multi-site organizations.

With bulk user management you can create access for hundreds of employees at once, making the transition to our system easy.

Trusted Security System Installers

VIA Technology is a State of Texas License Security Contractor, and we are certified installers of all the brands we offer.  You can trust our team with your security needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • 29 years of experience installing systems
  • Licensed, trusted security contractor
  • Authorized installer for a range of surveillance systems
  • Long history supporting industries including federal, state and local governments and educational institutions
  • Long history supporting commercial clients including construction, retail and hospitality

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